Welcome to Video Biz Gear

I’ve been producing videos for as long as I can remember. I owned my own company, which was self-funded, so the equipment I purchased had to have an appealing price-to-benefit ratio.

Which is why I started this site. Being semi-retired now, I needed to fulfill my need to both teach— and make a modicum of income. By sharing my experiences, reviewing value-based gear, and belonging to certain Affiliate programs (like Amazon, plus a number of software and hardware brands), I figured I might satisfy my need to share valuable tips and make a few small commissions here and there.

So that’s what this site is all about. I do not plan an “pushing” anything I can’t personally endorse, and will try to relate my own experiences concerning the types of equipment I plan to introduce. I have been involved in video production from all perspectives– that of a writer, shooter, editor, music producer, and stager of large meetings featuring single screen, wide screen, and multi-screen extravaganzas. My company produced work for large and small companies, including Walgreens, AT&T, Harley-Davidson, Miller Brewing and Pabst Brewing, churches, charities and arts groups.

We handled all aspects of production, and I never hired anybody until I had done that particular job myself first. So I know plenty about hardware AND software.

I hope I can provide you valuable insight into your puchasing needs!

Thanks for being here.

Brien Lee


Your Video Website: Tools for Creating in WordPress

If WordPress is so capable, why are here add-on plugins that help you in creating your website? WordPress’s built in editor is becoming more capable with each new release, but some people don’t like the strict “block by block” building


LUMIX – How to look like a pro on your livestream

Don’t give in to the temptation to use the camera built into your computer. Instead, use an external camera. This allows for proper positioning for the best composition. Make sure to angle the shot so that your audience needs to look up at you slightly.

My Books

My two books on video production– one for potential pro’s and one for home tribute producers– are available on Amazon. Click the pictures to see more.