Affordable High End Hosting for Your Video Website (Part 2) – Strikingly

Last time, we talked about hosts for WordPress sites. This time, we’ll talk about a turnkey solution for quick website creation that I’ve been using on a few of my sites for the last ten years.

The Site Builder is called

The best way to show it is through this YouTube video:

Strikingly Demo Video

When I began with Strikingly 10 years ago, it was a simple one page website builder, with enough built-in design sense to let me throw together a couple of websites quickly, because at the time I was still involved in quite a few large projects. (The websites are and

What I like about Strikingly is:

  • WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get. Your website is built in sections, picked from a list of templated sections. First you pick a theme, then start to build. Featured sections, testimonials, team sections, media sections, sliders, social feeds, products, galleries, contact and info forms… and more.
  • PLAYS WELL WITH VIDEO: This is necessary for all of us. Video can be used in-line in a section, or as a background to your header area. (See this website I created for a client on Strikingly:
  • VAST LIBRARY OF ELEMENTS: Graphics, video backgrounds, stock photos, symbols, icons, plus you can easily import whatever you need to customize.
  • BLOG SECTION: You should have a blog. Call it what you want– news, info, idle thoughts– but this is the way Google knows your site is alive.
  • STORE: This must be important to some people because Strikingly has spent a lot of time on what the call their “Simple Store”. It’s simple because it’s easy, but it’s quite capable.
  • SUPPORT: Despite being an easy, capable web builder, support is still an issue. I’ve relied on Strikingly’s support team many times for workarounds, explanations, even a small customization or two when they didn’t have a template that fit my needs. And they listen to their customers feature requests.
  • SOCIAL AND OTHER INTEGRATIONS: Pinterest, HTML, Google Maps, PayPal, Facebook, SlideShare, MailChimp… of course you can really do anything with the HTML integration.
videostory website
My VideoStory Productions Website. The “hero” section at the top features looping video background.

If there’s a negative it’s really just that you are dealing with templates, with some allowed customization of fonts, colors, etc. But the same could be said of WordPress– most people are using a templating system of some kind– a theme, website builder, even the native Gutenberg “blocks” system is a templated series of choices. And there are even templates that can be bought for Gutenberg!

So, I recommend Strikingly because I use it– even to make money! I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working my way through creating WordPress site for myself and clients, but I can’t say that for Strikingly. The built-in capabilities of this turnkey website system are extraordinary.

In the next article, I’ll talk about ways to build impressive site in WordPress.

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