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Insta 360• 4K Action Cam Trade-In Sale

One R Camera

The Insta360 4K Action cam, which can be configure with 2 lenses for real 360 degree surround video, is now being offered with a trade-in plan that can garner up to $60 in trade value off the final price. It also includes a free “invisible” Selfie Stick.

Insta360 One R Twin Edition 4K and 360° Video in One!

One R Camera

Insta360 is shipping the ultimate winter sports action cam, the twin-lens version of the new One R. This is the camera we’ve previously written about that has interchangeable lenses, allowing for real 360° video as well as 4k within the same camera. It also has an invisible selfie stick, which somehow disappears from your footage of yourself!

How Renting Video Gear Can Add Big Bucks to Your Bottom Line

Here’s how renting video production gear can actually add big bucks to your bottom line, whether you’re just starting out or already have gear under your roof. Pay Less Taxes, Increase Your Cash Flow The secret is in the part we producers often don’t pay enough attention to: Accounting! When you buy equipment, you write…