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Advanced Photo Scanning for Picture Heavy Videos

Many videos these days are picture heavy. Tribute videos are an example of this. To tell the story of someone’s life, you need pictures, and the older the person , the more arcane the media. Slides, negatives, prints, even photos from books like yearbooks and scrapbooks are all fair game to fill out the video with meaningful moments. The same is true for corporate videos, where pictures can fill in the historical blanks that more current video or film can’t provide.

Products for Scanning Pictures and Slides for Video Production

Often you need to scan pictures, slides, news clippings, yearbook photos and other flat items to create media for your video project. This is especially true in tribute, history, and documentary productions. The choices in this product range are numerous, but the quality varies. So we’ve put together a list of products we have found that does the job you need, in a range of prices.