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Your Video Website: Tools for Creating in WordPress


If WordPress is so capable, why are here add-on plugins that help you in creating your website? WordPress’s built in editor is becoming more capable with each new release, but some people don’t like the strict “block by block” building paradigm because they feel it forces them into a predictable look. I use Gutenberg for…

Slides Ain’t What They Used to Be…

Next Slide Please

Once tape recorders could be reliably synchronized with slide projectors, the writing was on the wall for filmstrips, and the landscape became much more competitive. Did we need the planning, crews and expense of a 16mm project, or could we get along with a two projector (for fades between slides) slide-sound show for a quarter of the price?

Looking Good on Your First Video Job….

…Without Breaking the Bank, or Pricing Yourself Out of the Business. We all start out in the video biz sometime. You may start on on February 1st, but that doesn’t guarantee work the next day. You have competition from day one, offering much the same set of skills that you have. But they exist already…

Christmas Gifts Written by… Me!

brien lee books

Looking for nice stocking stuffers for the videophile? Know someone wanting to get into video as a hobby or as a biz owner? I have two solutions for you!

I’ve written two books directed at the potential pro or semi-pro.

How Renting Video Gear Can Add Big Bucks to Your Bottom Line

Here’s how renting video production gear can actually add big bucks to your bottom line, whether you’re just starting out or already have gear under your roof. Pay Less Taxes, Increase Your Cash Flow The secret is in the part we producers often don’t pay enough attention to: Accounting! When you buy equipment, you write…